How could shooting your best buds in the face not be an awesome time!? If you’re looking for an outdoor, athletic, and adrenaline-pumping activity to do with your friends, this is a must. This is like dodgeball with bows and arrows (foam tipped!), with the additional excitement that can come only from the rush of dominating your foes with a head shot (or fear of getting dominated).

I, my brother, and my friends contacted Tony to reserve and referee a private archery tag match for us. None of our group had much experience with archery or archery tag, but Tony broke down the rules of the game very easily. Before you knew it, we were running around like 5th graders in PE, dodging arrows and hunting each other down. If you want to feel like a kid again, carefree, running around with your friends like it’s recess, then this is for you. Our group of 30+ year olds reverted back to giggling school boys on the playground. I’d say we all had fun, it was well worth it, and we are definitely making this a regular thing.
— David C.
Adrenaline-pumping good fun and exercise!!! Wow. I expected to learn archery and shoot targets - but we also got to hit each other with marshmallow-tipped arrows. Like a medieval version of laser tag.

It was so crazy, running around and shooting at each other. But it was the most fun I’ve had in a while.

(TIP: I suggest going with friends so you can shoot at them. hehe... constant vigilance!!)
— Sandy L.
I never knew this kind of industry existed. I’m a huge Hunger Games nerd, so this was so exciting.

My organization decided to book this for our company picnic and it was so unique that everyone loved it. We even got the older co-workers to join in since it’s no contact and you have protective gear on. No worries of getting occupational health involved because of the low risk of someone getting hurt.

We booked a spot at a local park and they came in and set up and provided all of the equipment. They even referee the game. Super nice people. This would be great for a kids birthday party or even an adults birthday party.

Such a cool event. I would suggest this for anyone who needs ideas for something new and fun.
— Lee L.
I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of one of Archery Division’s 1st archery tag event in Los Angeles and I was blown away by how much fun it was! The referees and event leads were very good at explaining the rules and teaching you how to shoot the arrows. I have never shot an arrow in my life but it was easy to learn how to do it with their easy to follow video tutorial and live demonstrations. If you aren’t sure what archery tag is, it is pretty much dodgeball but with bow and arrows. The tips are made of foam so they don’t hurt on contact! They did shock me at first but I tried my best to avoid getting hit. This is an awesome event to share with competitive friends who don’t mind getting sweaty! I would definitely hold many more bonding events with archery tag!
— Jeniffer H.